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For over 45 years Manzano Mountain Retreat has been a working apple ranch producing over 4,000 bushels of apples and 3,000 gallons of unbelievably delicious cider annually.

Manzano Mountain Retreat is one of New Mexico’s largest apple producer with over 37 varieties offering the State’s largest variety of apples. Due to apple varieties ripening at different times, our apples are generally available from mid-September through the end of October. The fertile soil and rapid-changing daily temperatures make Manzano Mountain Retreat’s apples some of the best tasting apples found anywhere in the world!


The early Spanish Conquistadors believed the mountains behind Manzano Mountain Retreat would be the perfect place for growing apple trees. Not only was the climate right but the altitude and the soil reminded them of the areas in Spain that produced the best apples.

The Spaniards planted an orchard of apple trees in a small community at the base of mountains now called Manzanos. They named both the community and the mountains after the Spanish word for apple, manzano. The trees flourished and remnants of those original trees can still be found today in and amongst houses of Manzano. They might be the first apple trees ever planted in America.


Cider available at our corporate office in Albuquerque, NM.

Their office number is: 505-858-1533

Closed for 2017 due to a late frost. Please check back next year.